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There is a Place within every man, and without, where all things are fulfilled, where all there are to exist, exist. It is timeless, spaceless and massless. It is unimaginable. It is a Place you cannot read with your mind, you cannot see with your eyes, but You and every being, come from it, and are always connected and borne in it

But around that ONE CONSCIOUSNES, is the created body. I will describe this outer body as the logical consciousness or mind. You are somewhat familiar with this part of you. It is this outer mind that we are somewhat expressing ourselves within, through which we see, identify and touch.

But this mind is only the blockage, an image. It prevents you from entering the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS. But yet it is this image mind which acts as an Agent of the ONE CONSCIOUSNESS.

Therefore the less restless the mind is, the greater the opportunity you can avail yourself to participate in the ONE of whom there is none else, and from whom all abundance and happiness is found.

Thus if is your mind is restless, you become restless too, You will realize therefore that if the mind is still, you will also see a world free of problems too, It is your outer logical mind that is creating all your experiences or sight.

The mind is an agent, and if therefore you use it well, you can, like the ONE of whom the mind expresses, be abundant, free and happy in this your lifetime.

The outer image mind is only an agent. But there are many layers dividing that mind, like concentric circles around a ONE CENTER. Interestingly the more outer the circle is, the more restless it is.

Therefore there are some who seek to travel deeper across the many layers of the mind, to travel closer, so to speak, towards the ONE UNITY where peace and abundance abounds. That infinite travel will involve becoming less and less mind, and more and more the real YOU.

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